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We use HEPA Vacuums during our Eco friendly dustings and housecleanings from top to bottom which includes the cleaning of moldings, ledges, beams, lighting, door frames, window frames and sills, shelving, and furnishings. HEPA Vacuuming of carpets and furniture, Dry Vapor steaming and sanitizing of all floors and surfaces, rooms and bathrooms. We also use Aqueous Ozone Water to Sanitize all surfaces, walls, countertops and various types of furniture along with Ultra Microfiber Cloths. We are Alternative Health for your House - Completely Chemical Free!


Hamptons Chemical Free is known for detailed cleaning on every cleaning whether you are a weekly cleaning client, bi-weekly or monthly. Your counter tops will glisten, your stove top will be impeccably clean, fan vent grills will be checked and cleaned if necessary, backsplashes, stainless steel will be beautifully polished and all surfaces will be completely sanitized with our Ladybug Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners. We will not miss a thing. From your appliances to your garbage can.


Hamptons Chemical Free services Southampton to Montauk NY. We are the Hamptons Distributors for Ladybug Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners with Tancs. Our Dry Vapor machines and Aqueous Ozone equipment took us to a completely different level of sanitizing and disinfecting while being completely Chemical Free and much more efficient than an average house cleaning company. We are using the methods that food sanitation workers and hospitals utilize to eliminate serious germs, deadly virus' that have started to impact all of our lives on daily exposures. What do you do about? Become more efficient and smarter and less toxic so we don't add to the superbug conundrum. The dirtiest room in your home is the bathroom and the one that we tackle with our biggest weapons. Your tubs, showers, toilets and floors and counters will all be disinfected thoroughly. You can also expect clean and polished sinks, fixtures, mirrors and shower doors when we are done kicking the germs to the curb!

Chemical Free Cleaning

Hampton Lanes Home Organics is a Chemical Free Cleaning Company that is licensed and bonded on the East End of Long Island based out of Sag Harbor, NY. It is so exciting that at this point in our development we no longer have to rely on any chemicals at all (organic, green, nada), we are completely chemically free by utilizing the advances in Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners as a Ladybug Distributor for the makers of the equipment Advanced Vapor Technologies, LLC (our Dry Vapor Cleaners are EPA registered disinfection devices - no other Dry steam vapor systems can make this claim.) and Engineered Water in our cleaning services we have found a truly sustainable alternative to strong chemical cleaners – Water!

All of our Cleaning Technicians are certified as Cleaning Techs through Modern Cleaning. Hampton Lanes Home Organics Inc. is changing the way people clean their homes by introducing new and more efficient products that clean, sanitize and disinfect better than store bought cleaning products that contain dangerous chemicals that linger on surfaces. We do not use paper, plastic or Styrofoam. We use only energy star qualified equipment as well as paperless billing. We use microfiber cloths as well as hepa filters on all of our ProTeam backpack vacuums.

We are an all women run cleaning service concentrating in Chemical Free Cleaning Methods and Services in the Hamptons NY. We understand how busy people are these days and we are dedicated to providing cleaning services that take that stressor out of our client's lives.

About Us

In 2012, Wendy Tarlow and her partner Claudia Patino Tarlow announced their plan to take on the Green Cleaning Industry and introduced Hamptons Chemical Free Inc. to the East End of Long Island, focusing on the Hamptons and surrounding areas.

Both Claudia and Wendy learned through their own trials how toxic household chemicals are after Wendy was thrust into the medical world of Doctors, Hospitals, Treatments, after Wendy was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2009. Claudia, holding her BS in Science started to explore alternatives to normal cleaning chemicals after Wendy developed much chemical sensitivity throughout her treatment protocols.

Claudia found that they didn’t do the trick so she started reading everything that she could get her hands on about organic and “green” cleaning and decided to develop her own products. Claudia also went on to study aromatherapy and incorporated essential oils into her line. As, Hamptons Chemical Free grew, Wendy being the Entrepreneur that she is known to be brought in her bag of experience and pals from the past and quickly looked to modernize the cleaning industry.

At First frustrated at the lack of Computer software available she dove in and began creating her own programs and systems and then found that she felt the same way about the cleaning industry as a whole…”The Cleaning Industry just wasn’t being taken seriously by the business world.


What our clients are saying...


Hamptons Chemical Free is the only company we will work with when it comes to preparing our Hamptons Home for a summer or weekend visit. They use the highest quality, green, organic cleaning products and I know our home will be clean and ready for us to enjoy our stay.

Christine M. NEW YORK, NY/ EAST

Just want to send HUGE THANK YOU! To the best cleaning crew ever! My house is immaculate ! This crew went above and beyond my expectations. Nick has NEVER complimented a cleaning crew and when he came home last night he was in awe.


It was a pleasure meeting all of you, and I’m so happy to have found your service! When I got home, I ran my finger along so many surfaces in the house and realized that you guys put our NYC house keeping service to shame!


Had your crew in this week for my first deep clean and it was a great experience! I work in the health and wellness world, so I definitely wanted to have my home cleaned without harsh, toxic chemicals! The crew was professional and courteous, not to mention hard-working and did an outstanding job making everything sparkle, thank you!

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